Push-Ins and Pull-Outs​ • Before and After School​ • Saturday Academy​ • Summer Program​


We offer Academic Intervention Services (AIS) and Response to Intervention (RTI) support as well as Enrichment opportunities for students in small groups of up to five students. They enjoy the opportunity to develop their social skills, emotional intelligence, and skill acquisition during or outside of school hours, both within and outside the classroom.

Flexible intervention frequency available as few as 2x to as many as 5x per week

Targeted support for high-potential students identified by the school

Intensive, out of school SAT and SHSAT test preparation

Students are motivated, encouraged, and prioritized to ensure task completion

General and subject specific intervention available as well as translation support

We will do everything we can to find the best solution for your child.​
We are devoted to changing the narrative and building the next generation of urban-educated leaders.​