Our Software solutions are designed to help ensure that students are actively learning while engaged with their lessons. Students are the ultimate beneficiaries of our technology, while educators and administrators benefit from receiving real-time feedback and actionable data to help improve the quality of education and more accurately and proactively identify students requiring additional support or accommodations.



Efficient messaging system for administrators, teachers, parents, and students to make their school the most effective learning environment that it can be.

• Centralizes and records communication, helps with scheduling and curriculum pacing
• Video agnostic platform that integrates with Zoom, Teams and Google Meet
• Video platform designed to meet Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance for student privacy
• SMS texting & messaging to both students and parents
Support page is English and Spanish enabled



Purpose-built online educational dashboard accurately depicts student engagement in educational sessions as well as whether the platform-hosted instructional session itself was engaging.

• Focuses on the need for an objective metric based on quantifiable student attainment indicators to provide instant feedback to instructors, students, and administrators to plan interventions
• Determines engagement through a weighted calculation of metrics that track various aspects of student and session involvement
• Comprehensive admin panel provides instant feedback to instructors, students, and administrators to plan necessary interventions


Clear and concise, easy-to-use gradebook, streamlines the online grading process.

• Integrated platform enables grading across multiple virtual classrooms for educators and real-time visibility for administrators
• Role enabled permission settings allow controlled access to data and functionality based on position and reporting needs


Clever integration enables fast, time saving data syncing with the ability to select data prior to syncing.

• Safely and securely data syncs student records from ATS in a few clicks
• Tags key ESSA equity data points to track highest priority students
• Automatically exports grades and key data in a format that can be directly uploaded to STARS, eliminating manual entry


Robust training and technical support to ensure a smooth roll-out and operation across all functions.

• Customized training to ensure a flawless onboarding and high level of adoption
• 24-hour help desk to assist users whenever the need arises

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