Claire Deal

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Claire M. Deal is a passionate professional with over 15 years of administrative support experience. As the dedicated Executive Assistant to the CEO at PRACTICE Benefit Corp, Claire plays a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the organization. Inspired by the incredible story of Karim Abouelnaga and driven by the mission to close the opportunity gap and ensure equitable education for all students, she joined PRACTICE with unwavering commitment.

With a focus on fostering an inclusive culture and community, Claire is dedicated to making PRACTICE even more welcoming. Recognizing the importance of the work community, she understands that it is the driving force behind the shared dedication to the mission. Claire’s journey has allowed her to fully pursue her passion for helping others. Whether it’s mentoring and empowering staff to become leaders or supporting the CEO and the C-suite in leveraging technology for team growth, she is committed to helping the PRACTICE Team reach their full potential.