PRACTICE is a partner, not a vendor to our schools. We know the pressures principals face every day. Our approach is based on respect for teachers and administrators. Together, we develop robust programming, a rigorous, culturally responsive curricula and software solutions that help improve student outcomes.

Case Studies


PRACTICE partnered with Principal Perdomo to customize a 4-week summer literacy program for 60 1st and 2nd graders with half of the students being…

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Online Instruction

To mitigate the summer learning loss, PRACTICE partnered with the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and The Heckscher Foundation for Children and created a…

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Math Tutoring

From March 19th to April 30th, PRACTICE conducted a pull-out program for 3 hours a day from Monday – Thursday. This involved taking students in …

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Strong Readers

PRACTICE supported 36 students 2x per week, with a 5:1 student to Instructor ratio, using the LightSail adaptive reading platform for 45 minutes per session …

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Enriching Experiences

PRACTICE created an engaging and unique summer program for 40 students from the 3rd and 4th grades that included a variety of unique activities such …

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Math Mastery

PRACTICE partnered with Principal Wilson to create and run an intensive tutoring program in Math during the school’s extended learning time. From December to May …

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