Responsiveness is a hallmark of our approach, and everything we do is highly customized to meet the specific goals of each principal as well as the unique needs of each school and community.

Our model combines the best of traditional educational organizations with proprietary, cutting-edge solutions, a first-hand knowledge of urban school systems, and a strong focus on data and outcomes. 

Our work includes a rigorous, culturally responsive curricula taught by Education Champions that look like the kids they serve, as well as software solutions built to help students succeed, that connect parents and educators, and provide real-time insights and data from both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Our education programs include two important elements: mentoring and academic enrichment. The academic curriculum aligns with local and national standards and focuses heavily on math, reading, and English.  However, the most unique element of our model is the use of peer tutoring and mentorship. For PRACTICE, learning by example is one of the most powerful vehicles of change.   

We will do everything we can to find the best solution for your child.​
We are devoted to changing the narrative and building the next generation of urban-educated leaders.​