PRACTICE is a partner, not a vendor to our schools. We know the pressures principals face every day. Our approach is based on respect for teachers and administrators. Together, we develop robust programming, a rigorous, culturally responsive curricula and software solutions that help improve student outcomes.


Doing Homework Right

The very idea of homework evokes unpleasant memories from a childhood filled with moments where I forgot to copy that night’s assignment from the board,

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3 Pillars of Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

We need not look far for measures of student engagement or disengagement across our schools.

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5 Elements of High-Impact Tutoring

In education circles today it is nearly impossible to bring up the COVID learning losses and potential

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B Inspired 2015

Karim Abouelnaga discusses why “equal is inherently unequal” at B Inspired 2016, Philadelphia.

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TED – A summer school kids actually want to attend

A summer school kids actually want to attend | Karim Abouelnaga In the US, most kids have a very long summer break, during which they …

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Mathematics: Culturally Relevant Teaching

Mathematics: Culturally Relevant Teaching​ by Ray Granda, Chief Academic Officer In 1994, Dr. Gloria Ladson-Billings coined the term culturally relevant teaching (CRT) and defined the concept as …

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