Strong Readers

The Opportunity

Baychester Middle School is in the Bronx, NY, serving 300 students (68% Black, 27% Latino, 4% ELL, 22% SPED). A subset of students entered the school reading 2-4 years below grade level.

Our Approach

PRACTICE supported 36 students 2x per week, with a 5:1 student to Instructor ratio, using the LightSail adaptive reading platform for 45 minutes per session.

Our Impact

After just three months, students had read over 7,000 minutes and had grown an average of 126 lexile levels vs. the average middle school growth of 52 – 87 lexile levels. 33 out of 36 students experienced growth in their reading and many students reported voluntarily using the adaptive reading platform at home during breaks and on weekends.

“PRACTICE doesn’t just focus on academic excellence, they also truly care about making a positive lifelong impact on students.
Our students’ reading levels have improved, but their attitude and confidence towards reading also went up.”
– Principal Shawn Mangar, Baychester Middle School