Math Tutoring

The Opportunity

PS 399 is a pre-K through secondary education public school in Brooklyn, NY. In 2018 the school served 261 students (74% Black, 12% ELLs, 15% SPED) and Principal Williams was interested in helping 59 of her students get a boost to achieve grade-level proficiency in math.

Our Approach

From March 19th to April 30th, PRACTICE conducted a pull-out program for 3 hours a day from Monday – Thursday. This involved taking students in need of extra attention out of class to concentrate intensively on math. Each of the 6 PRACTICE Education Champions worked with 30 students at a time, teaching math lessons according to college-readiness standards.

Our Impact

At the end of the 19-session program, 57 out of 59 students met the state promotion criteria in math – a 97% success rate.

“The fact that 57 out of 59 students met the promotional criteria after only a month and a half shows how good PRACTICE is
at what they do. I highly recommend their company and will continue partnering with them for future services.
– Principal Lakesha Williams, P.S. 399 Stanley Eugene Clark