Math Mastery

The Opportunity

Fannie Lou Hamer is a middle school in the Bronx, NY serving 289 students (74% Hispanic, 23% Black, 19% ELLs, 24% SPED). In 2018, students at the school had low math performance, with only 4% reaching proficiency.

Our Approach

PRACTICE partnered with Principal Wilson to create and run an intensive tutoring program in Math during the school’s extended learning time. From December to May PRACTICE had 13 Education Champions assist 51 students with a 4:1 or 5:1 ratio, two times a week, for 90 minutes per session. Education Champions dedicated tutoring sessions to improving students’ math fluency by focusing on college readiness standards.

Our Impact

In May 2019 all 51 kids in the program met the promotion criteria in math.

“The intensive tutoring program made all of the difference this past year. By the end of the day,
most of our teachers are tired and having Education Champions brought us the additional energy we needed to make the best use of our extended learning time. The Education Champions always engaged with their students productively and were polite to the teaching staff. Students even requested to be in PRACTICE groups for extra tutoring!”
– Principal Abbey Wilson, Fannie Lou Hammer Middle School